VAT-ID verification

Why do we require your VAT-ID?

Colourfood Professional is a brand of the family company BETTEC B.V. based in the Netherlands, whose products are addressed to professional users or food service and professional users.

In order that you as business client are eligible for VAT free delivery (“intra community supply”) from the Netherlands to another EU member state – in this case Germany – you need to purchase the products for your company with a European value-added tax number valid at the time of the delivery. This is a prerequisite for registering in our online shop.

What does the value-added tax number look like?

Please insert your valid value-added tax number as follows: DE999999999 

A German VAT-ID is composed of the country code DE plus a sequence of 9 numbers.

Please insert the data directly and do not copy it from and existing document as this could lead to problems with checking the VAT-ID.

Should you no have a VAT-ID, as you are for instance a petty trader, please contact us via the contact form.

You are a private customer and also want to work with colouring foods?

We offer with our endconsumer brand Eat a Rainbow  our powder colours to private customers. The colours do have the same quality as the Colourfood Professional products.