We accompany the entire
value chain of our products.

Production of colouring food from 100% fruit and vegetables

In the production of the products, the natural raw materials (i.e. fruits, vegetables and edible plants) are proces- sed into a highly concentrated essence exclusively by means of physical processes and using water as the pro- cess medium. „Our products can be tasted at any time during the entire production process,“ says Managing Director Alexander Hautmann. „They are and remain food.“

Colourfood Professional completely avoids the use of organic solvents, colourants and preservatives or ingredients of animal origin. This means that the products also meet the requirements for vegetarian and vegan foods. Last but not least, the gentle processing preserves many secondary plant substances as valuable ingredients.


We manage the entire value chain - from sowing, harvesting and production to delivery.

At a glance

→ Processing of natural raw materials using purely physical processes and water as the process medium.

→ no use of organic solvents, colourants and preservatives or materials of animal origin. (vegetarian / vegan)

→ no labelling obligation as additive for the user - 100% clean label in the claim

→ products remain a foodstuff throughout processing, which can be consumed at any time can be consumed

From field to bottle - pure colours made of 100% fruits & vegetables

With its colouring foods, Colourfood Professional offers its customers from the gastronomy and mass catering sectors the highest level of innovation, quality and trust. Alexander Hautmann, Managing Director at BETTEC B. V., explains which principles play an essential role. V.

What is the basis of the quality philosophy of your products?
As a family-run company, we accompany the entire production chain from the field to the harvest and processing of the raw materials to the finished product. Quality, care and the long-standing relation- ships with the farmers, our direct suppliers, have top priority for our agricultural engineers. We are convinced that only the best raw materials can be used to produce very good, high-quality products.

What is special about the raw materials you use?
When purchasing our raw materials, we place special emphasis on the cultivation, sowing and harvesting by selected contractors, which we control. Carrots, berries and grapes are just some of the raw materials we use. But they all have one thing in common: they are food. And they remain so throughout the entire production process, right up to the finished product.

What do you see as the particular strength of the products?
Our experts have around 30 years of experience in processing fruit, vegetables and edible plants. This makes us real pioneers in the production of colouring foods. With this knowledge, we are able both to process the valuable raw materials gently and to produce particularly brilliant colours that can be used to colour food and beverages completely naturally.

And what exactly does „pure colour from fruit and vegetables“ mean?
Our products are 100% clean label in application. We also refrain from using organic solvents, dyes and preservatives and ingre- dients of animal origin. This means: We produce a quality product for the professional user from very high-quality raw materials.