Ice cream is
colourful - without E-number!

Exciting ice cream recipes without E numbers

There is hardly a more colourful display than in an ice cream parlour. Bright colours reveal flavours ranging from fruity to sweet to chocolatey. Natural food colours or even colouring foods can emphasise the natural colour of ice cream or sorbets or turn pale ice cream into a real eye-catcher. With Colourfood Professional, you can work with colours in a relaxed way without using food colourings that have to be declared. This makes strikingly colourful ice cream recipes possible without an E-number.


The ice cream machine manufacturer Kält Rudi GmbH & Co. KG has created a naturally colourful rainbow ice cream with our food colours using its machines. The colours all come out wonderfully and the ice cream is a real highlight for every ice cream parlour.

For the production of ice cream, we recommend our liquid product range. The water-based colours are easy to stir into the ice cream mixture and quickly produce a beautiful colour. Likewise, beautiful swirl effects are possible with the liquid colours if the colours are stirred in at a late stage of production.

Which product is the bestseller for making ice cream?

Our hero product for ice cream production is our liquid Spirulina-Blue. In many ice cream parlours you can find smurf, sky or fantasy ice cream in brilliant shades of blue. These ice creams are especially popular with the little ones because they look great and are usually a sweet milk ice cream. Unfortunately, in many cases the colour is based on chemical food colours such as FCF brilliant blue (E133), patent blue V (E131) or brilliant black BN (E151). With Colourfood Professional Spirulina-Blue, you can easily produce this type of ice cream without dye and thus work E-number-free. If you actively communicate this product advantage to your customers, not only children but also adults will quickly become fans of natural blue ice cream.


The final shade and colour intensity depend on the base colour of the ice cream and the colour dosage. In milk/cream ice cream, the dosage must be somewhat higher than in sorbet in order to achieve an intensive colour shade. We recommend a dosage of 1-4% per 100g of base mass.


We recommend adding the colour as late as possible in the production process. The liquid colours are easy to spread and achieve a uniform colour result in a short time.


The colours cherry-red and grape-violet are pH-dependent. With neutral to basic pH-values (e.g. egg, milk, cream ...) the colour changes from warm to cold blue tones. Therefore, do not mix the colours directly with alkaline ingredients or use other shades to achieve your desired colour tone.


A classic in the ice cream assortment that always makes little customers smile. With Colourfood Professional Spirulina Blue, you can easily make sky-blue ice cream - without dyes! The liquid colour is easy to apply and is also a real added value in customer communication.


Combining several flavours in one type of ice cream is rather unusual and learned from the gastronomy in the dessert sector. Here, fruity and sweet flavours are brought together. Colour underlines the interesting taste experience for the guest.


Fruity sorbets are particularly popular ice creams in the hot summer months. However, there are always ice cream varieties which lose their colour intensity after a while. Colouring foods can help in this case and emphasise the natural colour of the sorbets and extend the shelf life of the colour.

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Spirulina-Blue | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.21* / 100 Gramm)

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Lemon-Yellow | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.31* / 100 Gramm)