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Colourful accents for your drinks

Colourful drinks - whether lemonade, cocktails or milkshakes - are popular products and real highlights for your customers. Colours can underline the natural taste of the beverage or drink or provide a little surprise through unusual colouring. The liquid product range of colouring foods from Colourfood Professional is perfect for adding natural colour accents to drinks - without an E-number! If you would like personal product advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application tips for beverages

pH-value dependence
The colours Cherry Red and Grape Violet are pH-dependent. At acidic pH values, the colours are true to colour. They change colour to cold as soon as the pH-value becomes neutral to basic. Use different colours for milkshakes, for example, or make use of this effect in cocktails. Gin and tonic is a great example (see video).

Clear vs. cloudy colour
Most of Colourfood Professional's liquid shades are clear when used in drinks. Only the shade Carrot Orange is cloudy, like naturally cloudy apple juice. For a clear orange, simply mix our Lemon Yellow with Strawberry Red.

Effect of alcohol
Our colours can be used wonderfully for bright colour accents in cocktails for direct consumption. Unfortunately, our colours are not suitable for strongly alcoholic drinks (e.g. gin, vodka, beer), which require bottles for sale and thus a long shelf life. The alcohol damages the colour, which either settles, flocculates or changes completely.

Recepe inspiration
Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee - a trend on social media! With our spirulina blue, the cold coffee drink becomes a real eye-catcher, which is gladly photographed, shared and drunk.

Recepe inspiration

Seasonal cuisine is not just a trend but an expectation of guests. So that asparagus & co. can surprise, classic components such as dressing, sauces and much more can simply be highlighted naturally with the colouring foods.

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Spirulina-Blue | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.21* / 100 Gramm)

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Lemon-Yellow | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.31* / 100 Gramm)