With the colouring foods from
Colourfood Professional you can
colour food completely naturally.

Colours from Colourfood Professional are not declarable as a colourant or with an E-number!

All Colourfood Professional products are defined as colouring foods and are declared as an ingredient.

Why are colouring foods not required to be declared as a colouring ingredient?

Colouring foods are food ingredients that are made from colour-intensive fruits, vegetables and edible plants. They are a food with a colouring effect. In addition to their colouring effect, colouring foods have an odour and taste in their unpro- cessed state, which is, however, lost during use and does not change or falsify the taste of the coloured end product. Färbende Lebensmittel sind somit per Definition kein Zusatzstoff und müssen daher auch nicht mit einer E-Nummer.

Colouring foods are therefore by definition not an additive and therefore do not have to be labelled with an E-number.

The difference between colouring foods and conventional food colours at a glance:


  • Completely synthetically produced colourants

  • This category includes az based colourants, which require - when used - the following label on the packeging:

    "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children"

Additive - with E-Number


  • The colour pigments are selectively extracted from natural raw materials (e.g. plants, fruits, animals, ...)

  • Frequently, additional additives are used in the production process such as solvents, emulsifiers, aluminium, copper etc.

Additive - with E-Number


  • These are defined as foods with a colouring effect (e.g. cherry juice)

  • In the industry, colouring foods are mostly extracted from colour intensive foods to be used as colourants

  • Thereby the pigments are not extracted selectively, as the taste of the raw materials remains

No additive - without E-Number

How do I have to declare Colourfood Professional?

As colouring foods are normal ingredients and therefore part of the recipe, they only need to be included in the ingre- dient list as what they are and with what is listed in the respective specifications.

For example: „colouring food: carrot and paprika“ or „colouring concentrate (paprika and carrot)“.

Please refer to the product specifications in the shop for the declaration per product.