Mit den färbenden Lebensmitteln von
Colourfood Professional können Sie
Lebensmittel komplett natürlich färben.


The colouring foods from Colourfood Professional can be used in many different applications. Baked goods, decorations, cream fillings, chocolate, desserts, drinks and much more can be coloured naturally - without the use of chemical dyes, additives or preservatives. Depending on the application and the desired colour shade, you must adjust the dosage of the colours. You can also mix the standard colours from our product range to create additional shades.


Buttercream is a popular form of decoration in the confectionery and patisserie sector. As cupcake frosting or as a filling or coating for cakes - buttercream can be used in many different ways and is often coloured. For this kind of application, both the powder colours as well as the water-based colours from our product range can be used.



Colouring chocolate/cocoa butter can be challenging, but no problem with our colouring foods in powder form. The colours are fat-soluble and therefore colour white chocolate naturally. The perfect solution for chocolatiers and pâtissiers to create naturally colourful pralines, chocolates and desserts.


Macarons are the colourful, trendy French biscuits. Pistachio, raspberry, cappuccino or more unusual flavours make customers' hearts beat faster. The fine biscuits can be coloured naturally and without E-numbers with the Colourfood Professional powder range. For a beautiful colouring, the almond flour with the colour should be sifted several times beforehand.

The team is currently working on further dosage recommendations for additional areas of application. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when further dosage recommendations will be available.

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Spirulina-Blue | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.21* / 100 Gramm)

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Lemon-Yellow | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.31* / 100 Gramm)