Colour food and drinks
without E-numbers!

Declaration: Colouring without E-numbers!

Colourfood Professional‘s products are colouring foods and are thus not colouring agents such as additives and therefo- re do not have to be declared as a a colourant with an E-number.

But what is the difference between colourings?

There are food colourings that have a plant origin, but there are also synthetic replicas of naturally occurring colouring substances as well as entirely synthetic compounds.

We therefore distinguish between 3 types of colourants*

• Artificial dyes (additive, with E-number)

• Natural dyes (additive, with E-number)

• Colouring food (no additive, without E-number)

*This distinction is not recognised by law, but is common in the industry.

The difference between colouring foods and conventional food colours at a glance:


  • Completely synthetically produced colourants

  • This category includes az based colourants, which require - when used - the following label on the packeging:

    "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children"

Additive - with E-Number


  • The colour pigments are selectively extracted from natural raw materials (e.g. plants, fruits, animals, ...)

  • Frequently, additional additives are used in the production process such as solvents, emulsifiers, aluminium, copper etc.

Additive - with E-Number


  • These are defined as foods with a colouring effect (e.g. cherry juice)

  • In the industry, colouring foods are mostly extracted from colour intensive foods to be used as colourants

  • Thereby the pigments are not extracted selectively, as the taste of the raw materials remains

No additive - without E-Number

How do I have to declare Colourfood Professional?

As colouring foods are normal ingredients and there- fore part of the recipe, they only need to be listed in the ingredient list as what they are and with what is listed in the respective specifications.

For example:
„colouring food: carrots and peppers“ or „colouring concentrate (paprika and carrot)“

How do I have to declare dyes or additives?

Food colours that are additives must be declared with the class name, i.e. „dye“, which indicates the intended use, the chemical name or E-number.

For example: „Colour E120“ or „colouring agent carmine“