Our products from Colourfood Professional are colouring foods made of 100% fruits, vegetables and edible plants, which are per definition no food colourants, hence they are not classified as an additive. Our colouring foods are defined as food ingredients with colouring characteristics and therefore do not have to be declared as a E-number.

In order to cohesively explain, why our products can be used without the declaration of an E-number, we want to have a look at the different colourants on the market and their differences, when it comes to declaration.

What is the difference between the different food colours?
There are several different types of food colourants on the market. The differentiating characteristic is mostly the production process. There are food colourants, that have a natural origin. Yet, there are also colourants that are based on synthetical copies of colouring substances that can be found in nature or colourants that are solely made of synthetical compounds.

We distinguish between 3 types of food colours*:

Artificial colourants (additive, with E-number)
Natural colourants (additive, with E-number)
Colouring foods (no additive, without E-number)

*Note: This classification is not defined by law but is mostly used in the food industry.

How do I have to declare food colourants (additive)?
Food colourants, which are per definition additives, must be labelled with the classification name “colourant” in addition to the chemical name or the referring e-number. The classification name indicates the purpose of the colourant.

Example of an adequate declaration for food colourants: ”Colourant E120" or "Colourant Carmine"

How do I have to declare Colourfood Professional?
The colouring foods of Colourfood Professional are food ingredients and are therefore part of the recipe. Hence, they solely need to be added to the list of ingredients for what they are – concentrates of 100% fruits, vegetables and edible plants. The exact labelling for each shade of Colourfood Professional | Liquid & Powder can be found in the specifications on the products site in the Online Shop.

Example of an adequate declaration for colouring foods: ”Concentrate (Pepper and carrot)“ – no E-number needed!


  • no E-numbers needed
  • no food colourant (additive)
  • in the application 100% Clean Label and the communication of „without colourants“ is allowed