Modern cakes, cupcakes and much more are
colourful - without E-number!

Contemporary pastry cannot do without colour

Colourful baking creations are an integral part of the confectioner‘s craft. Colourfood Professional‘s colouring foods offer the solution of working without chemical colourants and thus also without E-numbers. The fat-soluble powder colours and the water-based liquid colours allow a wide range of applications and have already convinced many confectioners to switch completely to colouring foods.

Andrea Schirmeier-Huber
World Pastry Champion

How did you find out about Colourfood Professional colouring foods?
I was sent samples of Colourfood Professional, I was thrilled and really wanted to work with them.

Why do you use colouring fooods?
The colours are purely plant-based, without dyes and preservatives and for me they are the contemporary colours! It is important to work with healthy food and now I can also bake and decorate the products with a good conscience.

For which products do you use Colourfood Professional?

I use both product ranges, the powder colours for couverture as they are fat soluble and the liquid colours which are perfect for creams and fillings.

Which product from the Colourfood Professional range do you use for this or do you have a "hero" product?
The blue colour is my personal hero, as it is incredible, this intense colour power. In my baking classes, this colour creates the biggest AHA effect.

From your point of view, are there any important application tips for colouring foods?
The most important thing is to have a feeling for colour theory. The colours can be dosed very well like conventional colours and you quickly get a feeling for how much colour you need for a recipe.


Small fruity tartlets can come in a wide variety of colours and shapes. With our liquid colours, both the filling and the icing can be coloured naturally.


You can mix the standard colours from the product range to obtain other shades. A selection of colour examples for buttercream can be found here.



In recent years, sweet choux pastries have become Instagram-worthy and have thus secured a permanent place in the production range of many confectioners. Here, too, colour accents must not be missing from the decoration.

What our customers say

Many application possibilities
Whether glazings, fillings, decorations and much more can be easily coloured naturally with the colouring foods.

Colours from fruit & vegetables
Colouring foods are only derived from fruits, vegetables and edible plants and are therefore vegan.

Colouring without E-number
In contrast to conventional food colours, colouring foods do not have to be declared with an E-number.

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Spirulina-Blue | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.21* / 100 Gramm)

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Lemon-Yellow | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.31* / 100 Gramm)