Discover the application possibilities of
colouring foods in the gastro kitchen

Colourful highlights in the gourmet kitchen

Besides taste, the appearance of food is an incredibly important feature in gastronomy. The guest comes to the restaurant for a culinary all-round experience. A cosy atmosphere, good drinks and stunning food. That‘s where creativity comes in! Colouring foods enable restaurateurs to set specific colour highlights in both sweet and savoury areas or to emphasise the natural colour of dishes - without E-numbers but only with the colour from fruits, vegetables and edible plants.

Foodstylist & Author

How do you know the colouring foods from Colourfood Professional?
I had my first colourful experience with Colourfood Professional at a trade fair in Stuttgart with Andrea Schirmaier-Huber. Later, I was allowed to try a few colours myself in my kitchen and was thrilled.

Why do you use colouring food?
I thought what works in a bakery with colours also fits me and my kitchen, I love colours because, as we all know, the eye eats with you.

For which products do you use Colourfood Professional?
I like to use the colours very much for espuma, mousse, sauce or to colour e.g. rice and sushi. The colours not only give the food its natural colours but also give it a light aroma so that you can taste the colours.

Which product from the Colourfood Professional range is your „Hero“ product?
It‘s hard though, I love every colour from the Colourfood pro- ducts, I like variety and also use the colours seasonally. My hero product for this spring was grape-violet, for summer the sky blue spirulina with the foods is a hit for me.

In your opinion, are there any important application tips for colouring foods?

For good results in the dishes, just a little colour from Colourfood is enough. You can also get nice results with a colour mixture from the Espuma Isi bottle, which you can also watch in my videos on FB and Instagram.

Colourful Burger Buns

Burgers have been an absolute food trend for years. The classic is reinvented again and again. Colourful burger buns are very popular. With our liquid colours Strawberry-Red and Lemon-Yellow, you can colour your burger buns naturally without E-numbers. Try it out now! Add the colours to the dough as the last ingredient and make sure to keep the baking time as short as possible.


Recipe inspiration
Stuffed onion

A coloured filling gives the cooked, slightly trans- lucent onion a real wow effect. If you now combine complementary colours, a plate becomes a „feast for the eyes“.

Recipe inspiration
Aspargus salad

Seasonal cuisine is not just a trend but an expectation of guests. So that asparagus & co. can surprise, classic components such as dressing, sauces and much more can simply be highlighted naturally with the colouring foods.

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Spirulina-Blue | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.21* / 100 Gramm)

Colouring Food | Powder | Shade Lemon-Yellow | 750g

Content: 750 Gramm (€8.31* / 100 Gramm)