Discover the application possibilities of
colouring foods for Bakeries

Colourful highlights in the bakery

Besides taste, the appearance of food is an incredibly important feature in gastronomy. The guest comes to the restaurant for an all-round culinary experience. A cosy atmosphere, good drinks and stunning food. That's where creativity comes in! Colouring foods enable restaurateurs to set specific colour accents in both the sweet and savoury areas or to emphasise the natural colour of dishes - without E-numbers but only with the colour from fruit, vegetables and edible plants.

Operations managers

How do you know the colouring foods from Colourfood Professional?
We searched the internet specifically for E-number-free food colours. We came across Colourfood.
I thought what works in a bakery with colours also fits me and my kitchen, I love colours because, as we all know, the eye eats with you.

why do you use colouring foods?
Because this gives us the opportunity to bring more colour and variety into our product presentation. The colouring foods from Colourfood are declaration-friendly, i.e. we can show the natural ingredients with a clear conscience. This is extremely important to us. Azo dyes are out of the question for us.

For which products do you use Colourfood Professional?
We mainly use the products to colour glazes and decorative elements.

Recipe inspiration
Bi-color croissants

The smell of fresh croissants is always sure to attract customers to the bakery. Not only the classic croissant is an important part of every bakery assortment, but also seasonally filled croissants are a real enrichment. Use colouring foods to visually highlight the different flavours - directly in the dough or in the glaze.

Recipe inspiration
Cupcake Box

Classic birthday cakes may be a popular product, but new, trendy alternatives are constantly appearing on the market to delight customers. Colourful cupcake boxes, for example, are an absolute trend on social media platforms. Handy pastries that are also easy to photograph are the perfect product for a young audience.

Recipe inspiration
Glaze without E-number

Glaze is a frequently used product in the bakery. In order to be able to work without dyes and E-numbers here too, you can use Colourfood Professional's colouring foods. With our liquid colours Strawberry -ed, Lemon-Yellow and Carrot-Orange, you can easily colour ready-made cake icing.