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With Colourfood Professional, we provide you as restaurateurs, bakers, confectioners, ice cream makers and other professional users with the perfect solution to produce naturally colourful food. Our natural food colours are made from 100% fruit, vegetables and edible plants and are therefore free from colourants and preservatives. Thus, colouring foods are the natural alternative to conventional food colourants. Discover our versatile product range and colour without E-numbers now!

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Colourfood Professional colouring foods are not subject to declaration as a colourant with an E-number! This is because Colourfood Professional products are not defined as food colourants, but as colouring foods. You can find more detailed information on the difference between colouring foods and food colouring here:

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Our colours are available in different product sizes, tailored exactly to your needs. From small packages of 120g to large units of 1250g. So you should find the right product for all applications. We will be happy to advise you on which size is best suited for your application.


Colours from
Fruits & Vegetables

Our colouring foods are food ingredients made from colourful fruits, vegetables & edible plants. Colouring foods are therefore a truly natural alternative to conventional food colours. With our Colourfood Professional colours you can colour food naturally - without E-numbers but with full colour intensity from nature.


In recent years, Colourfood Professional has been able to win great partners who are just as enthusiastic about colouring food as we are.

As a result, our products are now available throughout Europe through us and our distribution partners.



Colouring foods are food ingredients that are used for natural colouring in food production (a new innovative form of food colouring). They are made exclusively from colour-intensive fruits and vegetables, such as beetroot, sweet potato or blackcurrant. In addition to the use of natural and vegetable raw materials, only purely physical processes and water as a process medium are used in production. Thus, colouring foods are and remain - as the name suggests - a food and are therefore not subject to declaration as a colouring agent or with an E-number. Confectioners, bakers, cooks, ice cream makers or bartenders can use these products to naturally colour and highlight a wide variety of foods and beverages.
The food colours from Colourfood Professional are available in liquid and powder form. The liquid colours are water-based and can be processed quickly and homogeneously. The liquid range currently includes seven standard colours, which can be mixed with each other to create new colour shades. The powder colours, on the other hand, are soluble in fat and are particularly suitable for chocolate, among other applications, fat-containing glazes and macarons. The powder colours are currently available in seven standard colours. In contrast to the liquid colours, the powders have a longer shelf-life and can be longer shelf life and can also be mixed to create new colour shades. create new shades. They can also be mixed with water or oil to create a colour paste. It depends on the application whether liquid or powder colours are better suited. At Applications you will find sample applications with corresponding product recommendations.
Colouring foods are not required to be declared as a colour with an E-number or proper name. They must be listed as an ingredient in the list of ingredients. For example: "colouring concentrate (paprika and carrot)". For declaration recommendations, please refer to the product specifications on the product pages under nutritional information. This distinguishes our colouring foods from conventional natural food colours.
Colourfood Professional liquid colours will keep for 60 days (max. 7°C) after opening if sealed, stored in a cool and dry place. The powder colours will keep according to the stated best-before date after opening if stored in accordance with the product (closed and dry). The powder colours should not be stored in the refrigerator. Moisture may get into the products and cause them to clump.
All food colours from Colourfood Professional are free from products of animal origin. The colours are made exclusively from fruit, vegetables and edible plants. Unfortunately, there are many food colours and also natural food colours that do not meet the requirements of a vegan diet, because animal solvents or raw materials are used. Colourfood Professional's products are clearly different from those of the competition and perfectly serve the rapidly growing market for vegan food. Furthermore, when purchasing raw materials, special emphasis is placed on controlled cultivation as well as sowing and harvesting by selected contractual partners. This means that very high-quality raw materials (fruit, vegetables and edible plants) are used to produce quality products for professional users.